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Affiliate Program

If you would like to help me promote my products while making a commission, you might want to consider joining the Club Daydream Affiliate Program! As an affiliate, you are provided with a personal link and coupon code for customers to use! You promote my products, directing potential customers to your personal link, and for every purchase made through it, you get a percentage back! Your personal coupon code also allows customers to save money on their purchase! The only requirement is to be a Club Daydream customer (basically to have purchased from club daydream at least once- especially so that you have a tangible product to promote!) Currently, as an affiliate, you will earn a 10% commission on every purchase made through your link. Top affiliates will even have a chance to receive exclusive deals (& possibly products)! 


Click on the button below to apply now!*

*not all affiliates will be accepted. please do not solely purchase an item on the basis of being selected, as other factors will be considered as well.

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